Legal Warranty

The legal conformity warranty is provided by The Italian Consumer Code (art.128 and following) and it protects the consumer in case of purchase of faulty items, bad functioning or not responding to what the seller declared.

The consumer can claim his rights as far as the legal warranty contacting directly the seller even if he is not the producer.

In case of defect of conformity the consumer can decide if he wants a repair or the replacement of the goods without paying anything except when the repair is impossible or too expensive.

If it is impossible to repair of replace the goods the consumer has the right to get a discount or the refund of what he paid for the item and for the return.

The legal warranty has a term of 2 years from the delivery and has to be claimed within two months after the consumer find out the defect.

It is very important to keep the purchase proof (invoice, receipt or cash voucher of which we suggest you to make a photocopy as the thermal paper has the risk to lose colour).

The Seller has to:

Take back the faulty item to check if the malfunctioning is linked to a vice of conformity.

In case the problems occur during the first six months after the delivery the check is at seller’s expense as they might exist when he delivered the goods.

In case the damage is not linked to a conformity vice the seller can ask to the consumer to pay for the check.

After the seller has to repair or replace the goods within a certain time and without asking money to the consumer.

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